BEAMS, TIMBERS & TRUSSES - Cedar, Fir, Oak, Pine & Salvaged

We inventory many species and sizes of timbers at our facilities. We can supply you with square timbers, manufactured parts or truss packages for interior or exterior trusses. Some of these are only air dried as are the western red cedar beams, while others are kiln dried like our northern white pine. Hardwood beams and timbers are typically cut ordered from small pallet components up to large 12 x 12 posts and beams from locally harvest red and white oak logs.

4 x 4 thru 8 x 8 stocked typically.
8 x 12 thru 12 x 12 stocked typically (less invinventory in these sizes, but always available).

Northern White Pine 4 x 4 thru 8 x 12 stocked typically (some will be kiln dried to 10-12%, others may be green).
Larger sizes cut to order, allow extra time for kiln drying if required.
4" and 6’’ thick hand peeled bark, wavy edge timbers are available up to 16’ (kiln dried to 10%).

Fir Timbers
We keep some on hand; these will be cut to size at time of order.

Red & White Oak
Our red and white timbers are sawn at time of order. These are often used as posts, beams, truck and trailer bed materials or cribbing and pallet parts. Call us with your requests.

Salvaged Timbers
These are everything under the sun from softwoods to hardwoods, small to large beams.
We always have some available, but they are typically handled on an request basis. We have a good supply of recovered 8 x 8 pine timbers that are ready for milling or delivery as they are prompt.